Candy's Corner - BRAVEHEART - An Original Manny Shmanzbcktgalore Ramsey Piece


It is my distinct pleasure to bring you this powerful, moving & truly vulnerable piece from our Easton Brother Manny Ramsey!


My mother always taught me that I should use protection. She didn't like my lifestyle but guided me with wise direction.

But then I met him, I met him off of Jack'd

I didn’t see it comin, didn’t know my odds were stacked

It's fact this guy was poppin. Took me to clubs and paid for shopping.

It went on and on, no stopping. He was my bae, my barriers dropping

In love deeper than I'd ever been

And love is blind, and I was green

My heart beat loud like elephants

Played by his charm and elegance

Choked up like I was Hella bent.

I was in the moment, so he owned it.

He was my king and boy he throned it!

It was summer 2013

Love drunk, sipping on his morphine

I sang songs I never sung

Did things I’ve never done.

He was the one.

His love like two slugs of a double-barrel, longneck shot gun

We got tested the month before.

His health was good, mine spectacular

What else could I ask for?

It happened one day with him, my love distraction

Who would've thought this was my contraction

We parted ways just before Thanksgiving.

Too many issues with my friends, didn't like how he was living

Christmas 2013 and I was feeling less than festive

Body aches, shivers and shakes were already suggestive

Didn't  wanna eat a thing, had to find the Doctor’s number

Dehydration, Doctor said, but “it” was waking from its slumber!

A few months later, I suffered from a simple boil

Who knew that this would lead to the root of the seed that was planted in my soil

I now have a “friend,” we weren’t friends when we first met

His name is HIV, a name I will never forget

I thought it was the end,

Reached out for Brenden’s helping hand

Thank god he was my friend

And I knew he'd understand

It is not a death sentence, that’s what he said

Hold ya head high, look to God, get on your meds!

March 4th and I’m a year pos

Seems like yesterday I didn’t know what all this was

I've kept it closeted, my choice

You'll only know if I let you know

My honor, life, my voice

I get to live with this, and so

8 months pass since August and it’s undetectable

Healthy, body, healthy mind, honestly respectable

A gift from me to you, in case the thought arises

“It” has no face, race discrimination. Protect yourself!

“It” comes in different shapes and sizes

I own my past, my present, got no feelings to forgive

And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm HIV Positive!

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