Candy's Corner - Lubed



11880060_10153473183382593_922165812_nHello darlings, having a gorgeous time with some delicious boys at Gay Spirit Camp, and I didn't forget about you all! Here's a little ditty I wrote about my first experience at Gay Spirit Camp Last year called "Lubed" Enjoy!


A gay man stuck here in my room

Alone again, hmm what to do?

I’m not the first, won’t be the last

What shall I do?  I’m thinking fast…

My moist hand gripping, clutching tight

Slides up and down, with all my might

With a smirk and feeling smug

Shall I give it one more tug?

Listen friends, here’s what to do

In case this fate should befall you

See here’s a handy little notion

Moderate when using lotion

Or you’ll be room-bound, freedom robbed

As your hand slips on your door knob

And even though you tug and shout

Your hands slip and you can’t get out

So gay men learn your lesson from me

And moisturize responsibly!!

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