I am truly honored & excited to be co-hosting the upcoming Easton Mountain Singles Retreat this year with Trixie Starr and Mike Hands.  You heard it here first, Trixie Starr, Candy Rapper and Mike Hands, this is going to be a riot!!!  The theme for this year's Singles Retreat "A Singular Sensation."


“Singular Sensation”

I've been single long enough

To know this solo road gets tough

I've felt the ache of longing, (groan!)

Talked to myself when I'm alone

Been out on a thousand dates

Winners, losers, good to great

Glad though I stuck to my guns

Wanting more than sexy buns

I got to know myself real well

And I love me, in case you can't tell

And realized as I searched for "him"

That I'd abandoned me within

So now I tread a different path

Look back at myself and laugh

This life is here for me, one chance

To stand up, shout out, sing and dance

I will not live my life for "him"

Awaiting romance to begin

I smile hard, with joy in me

In love with life, completely free

And while I live my life full blast

If Cupid's magic does get cast

I shan't have lived with one regret

Waiting until we had met

To own my life, my joy, my fun

To share my heart with everyone

So brothers if "he's" not here yet

Chin up, smile, please, do not fret

For if you struggle just like me

To welcome singularity

Please accept this invitation

To share our singular sensation

A time to connect and laugh and play

At your singles retreat, Columbus Day

Jump in now, please don't defer

Just click this link to register