Candy's Corner - Spirit of Easton


It's almost a year since I arrived at Easton Mountain for my very first retreat - 2014 Gay Spirit Camp.  With so many tender moments, heartfelt connections and the experience of sheer joy and freedom, I fell completely in love with the men and the mountain.  With August almost here and another Gay Spirit Camp beckoning, I want to share this poem that describes my first experience of Easton.  I hope it inspires you to check out the upcoming Gay Spirit Camp and experience the same exhilaration, love and freedom that I now do.  

“Spirit of Easton”

I came here for some reasons

Thought I'd get what I could get

Meet my future husband

Cos I haven't met him yet

Plugged my GPS in

Headed in the right direction

Driving 60mph

Searching for love and connection

I knew where I was going

Had no clue what it's about

And something has me here

So I'm gonna find out

Naked dips, short-dressed hips

Crammed my feet in to high heels

Touching, healing bodies

Free caresses, safe to feel

Dancing meditation

One with my jungle tribes

I've felt brotherhood and manhood

Connected and unrequited vibes

Spirit crashing, spirit soaring

Wet tents, woke by brothers snoring

Wild side walks, fear in the middle

Spirit dancing with a giggle

Accepted now, one of the pack

Put my heels up, don't look back

At one with stars, sun, moon and trees

Trust, like Thelma and Louise

Stretching, breaking boundaries down

Styling in my drag race gown

Cuddling, sharing, soul feeder

Flag-flying faeries, loving leader

Naked ass without a care

Love, joy, bliss, is in the air

Greater power, more than me

Set your loving spirit free

Feel feet planted in the ground

Circle stands with silent sound

Rosy hearts through glowing smiles

Snuggled in my puppy pile