Candy's Corner - Victoria Sponge


If, like me, you indulged in some delicious treats this past holiday weekend, well, that's what holidays are for!  After arriving home and reminiscing about all the lovely desserts I enjoyed over Labor Day, I couldn't help but share this little treat with you about one of my favorite childhood sweets!

"Victoria Sponge"

Victoria Sponge, think we've met before

Went down on you hard, gained 10 lbs you whore

Don't give me that look, you know you were willing

To let me devour your sweet strawberry filling

You sit there innocent, all fluffy and light

And I'll grant, on the tongue, you do feel alright

But I won't be tempted by you, you tease

I can't, see this dress is already a squeeze

So even though you are for sure a delight

I'll have to pass, or I will look a fright

I will behave, I'll be good, and that's tough

You see, I'm Candy darling, and I'm sweet enough!

CommunityScott Harris