Celebrate 15 years of Easton Mountain!








Happy New Year! We are so thrilled to enter into our 15th year as a thriving LGBT retreat center, community, and sanctuary! And we are grateful to you for helping us get here.

Fifteen years ago John Stasio, Harry Faddis and a handful of passionate men began bringing the vision of Easton Mountain to life. Now, we are proud to acknowledge the immense impact this organization has had on the lives of its community members, the lives of the people they've touched, and with this ever-expanding chain, the impact Easton has had on the world. With your help, Easton has truly succeeded at being a "force for positive change in the world," and we want to keep going full steam ahead!

To honor this momentous occasion, we have set a number of goals we hope you can help us accomplish in the next year! They include:

  • We would like to complete four facility improvement projects at $15,000 each, starting with upgrades to the guest house!  Our Indiegogo Campaign is now ready - watch our fun video:

Thank you, in advance, for helping Easton thrive during this significant time in its history.

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