Journey to Easter

Rediscover the life-changing power of Jesus’ Passion, Death and Resurrection

Facilitated by John Stasio with Guest Facilitators: Dennis Petragnani. Michael Hands, Rev. Yolanda, Rev. Glen Ganaway and Freddy Freeman

...... and Jesus asked his disciples “ “Who do you say I am?

Eastr14 WebThb 150We invite you to ponder your personal answer to Jesus' question during Holy Week, the week of ritual, remembrance, and reflection on the life times and trials of Jesus Christ, that is the most important time of year for most Christians. Whether you are a devout Catholic, someone who is reconsidering what Jesus means to you now as an adult, or simply have a historical or spiritual interest in Jesus’ life, there is so much we can learn from the life and teachings of Christ, one of the most important religious figures in history. As gay men, we carry a unique perspective that allows us to go deeper into the mystery that is the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. From the sharing of the Passover meal with friends at the Last Supper, through the sombre reflection and prayers of mourning on Good Friday, to the joyous celebration of his return to life on Easter Sunday, together we’ll explore how his message, and the experience of ritual around his life and death, can still be relevant to our lives today. We invite you to join us for this Easter journey. 

As our Easter gift to you, your registration for Journey to Easter includes admission to the Raise It Up Gospel Hour Brunch ! Stay after closing circle & celebrate with spirit, food & song! Click the banner for more information on this amazing inspirational show!




 John SJohn Stasio is the founder of Easton Mountain. His vision for social justice, interfaith spirituality and the potential of a spiritual community of gay men began at a young age and motivated him to begin Easton Mountain. In 1989 he founded Brothers Together Inc to promote community, spiritual growth, healing and transformation among men who love men. Prior to establishing Easton Mountain in 2000, John worked as a body-centered therapist and workshop facilitator. John was a member of the Jesuit Urban Center’s Urban Ministry team where he provided spiritual direction and bodywork to people living with HIV/ AIDS. He is a former seminarian and member of the Catholic Worker Community. John’s undergraduate studies at Boston College focused on Philosophy and Theology and their application to contemporary social challenges. He received the Lisle Fellowship in 1987 to study non-violent social change at the Gandhi Peace Foundation in New Delhi India and then stayed on in India to work with Mother Theresa’s sisters at the home for the dying in Calcutta. While in India he met Dom Bede Griffiths with whom he had a powerful connection and remains committed to promoting interfaith dialogue. Additionally he seeks to apply the principals of Spiritual/Global Psychology, studied at the Concord Institute under the direction of Tom Yeomans, to his work for social change, in his own life and in his work with others.


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