Ward Chronicles - Volume 2


Orion TaurusWhen I walk the grounds of Easton Mountain at night I am often reminded of a quote by one of my favorite authors...Oscar Wilde..."All of us are living in the gutter...some with eyes to the stars". My eyes are always turned upwards after dark at Easton...There is no light pollution here in Greenwich New York...farmers tend to work 12 hour days...sunup to sundown. There are a lot of things to love about cities that never sleep... the bright lights of Broadway for instance...but bright lights in big cities blot out the wonders of our nighttime canopy. Here at Easton  I can see every distant sun as if it were a diamond resting on a purple pillow sky...I can see a magical misty band known as the Milky Way...it is the very galaxy that contains our solar system. I can see that I am nothing more than a speck of dust swirling in this Geminiuniverse alongside billions of others and that we are all connected. I wish upon stars that have been wished upon for hundreds if not thousands of years. Perhaps Alexander the Great received his first affections from Bagoas beneath a Persian sky populated with the very same constellations I now wait under for a true loves kiss. Universe please send me this man. I know he is out there. Just as I know that stars illuminate our sky. This past week Sirus... the brightest in all the heavens was visible...and Rigel...7th brightest alongside 9th brightest Betelgeuse (try saying that three times fast) both brothers in the belt of Orion, seen doing eternal battle with Taurus as the twins of Gemini stood nearby watching. In the past seven days I also got to see two of my favorites: Ursa Major...the bear...and his cub Ursa Minor. GRRRRR. WOOF and GRRRRR are two sounds often heard at Easton...Usually not aimed at stars but I am not one who howls at moons. I WOOF at the Dog Star. Ursa Major