Easton Mountain Legacy Project


Have you ever wandered up past the sauna and above the upper pond to a peaceful and important part of Easton Mountain that few people know about? It\'s the Easton Mountain Memorial Garden, and we want to share it with you. One of the traditional roles of community is to hold the  memory of those who have died. Easton Mountain has  created a place to serve this important function. Our  Memorial Garden is a peaceful space where loved ones  can be remembered. It is a quiet space for reflection, where one may sense the presence of loved one who  are now gone.

Located above the apple orchard, the area was originally established as a family cemetery by the Harrington Family, early settlers who came to Easton Mountain shortly after the American Revolution. We have added a sculpture designed by artist and community member, Moss Tidd, as an altar to the ancestors with a repository for ashes of those who have passed. There are plans to continue developing the Memorial Garden as it becomes more utilized by our community.

We invite you to make use of this sacred space. Here are some possibilities:

  • Have a stone in the garden with a deceased  person\'s name on it
  • Place ashes of a loved one in the columbarium
  • Reserve a place in the columbarium for yourself

As part of the Legacy Project, we invite communities members interested in using the Memorial Garden to consider including Easton Mountain in their bequest. Your gift can help Easton continue to be a place for healing and growth for the LGBT community and beyond. For information, please send us a message or talk to Dennis, Harry or John.