Fifteen years of community

15 In 2015, we are thrilled to celebrate our 15-year anniversary with you! As we approach this occasion, we consider all the important work that has happened at Easton Mountain and we thank you for supporting it.

For fifteen years we have witnessed people come to Easton Mountain and transform- and it is a miracle every time. A miracle to see a shy middle-aged man who never quite fit into the gay community in his home town finally step into his full self expression; a miracle to see homeless LGBT youth come from the city, let their guards down, and begin to connect with each other and heal from their past wounds; a miracle to witness an older gentlemen newly out of the closet discover himself in new and exciting ways, and embrace life with new found gusto! These events and more have happened here at Easton Mountain again and again over the past 15-years, and that in itself, is a miracle.

Our journey together has been long, but it is far from complete. Easton Mountain is vital to the community it serves, to the larger LGBT movement, and to the world. We need this place to thrive so that folks have a place to heal, connect, grow and embrace their gifts, then share them with the world.

Every winter we face the hardships of a slow season coupled with large heating bills- it would be a miracle to go into our toughest season feeling financially stable and ready to face any challenges. Please consider the important work that has happened at Easton Mountain for fifteen solid years, then supporting that work by making a year-end gift by CLICKING HERE.

Thank you for being a part of this miracle called Easton Mountain!

With gratitude,

Your Easton Brothers

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