Find Your Passion!


by Rob Dorgan and Steve Bolia

Have you ever felt really stuck in your life?

You know there is something more to life than your same old routine. We are talking about the routine where you don’t even think about what is coming next. Your life feels like its on automatic pilot. You have made doing as little as possible to get by your default mode, and at the same time you hate the fact that you feel bored and unfulfilled. We’ve all been there, and and every once in a while we go back there. We start to feel trapped. We feel lifeless. We are always waiting for someone else to make the first move or tell us we look good or we are doing the right thing in life.

What about you.?  How do you think you look? Do you think you are doing the right thing in your life? The big question we keep coming back to is: WHERE IS THE PASSION? This is not just the passion between the sheets. Sex is great but sometimes it is a distraction from the rest of our lives. You have to have passion for yourself! You have to have passion for YOUR life, not someone else's. You cant wait around and think that you will gain passion for your life at a later date. You have to develop it NOW. Grab it and practice it in this moment, today, tomorrow morning and then keep going. Keep it up.

Time is flying by, right? The reality is that it is not going to slow down no matter how much you want it to, so start to pick up the pace in your life! Spend some time getting to know yourself. Sit quietly with no phone, no computer, no TV, no ____! Do this every day for 10 to 15 minutes and savor it. Don’t dread it!. You are with yourself! You are the greatest love of your life.

“To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” - Oscar Wilde. Wilde was on to something! Wilde had a wild life and pushed the boundaries and lived on the edge. You don’t have to live on the edge (unless you want to) but you do need to make a list of the things you want to do in your life and with your life, And do them NOW!

How? Get off your ass! That is what we tell our selves and each other all the time when we start to feel the doldrums set in. We are the creators of our lives Yes. it’s us. Stop wasting time complaining about your childhood, your spouse, the weather! Who Cares?

Push yourself to take a deep hard look at your life. Be honest with yourself and those closest to you. Do something that will rock your own world. Push your boundaries and take some chances.

Develop some practices that you will stick with and that will help you develop habits that will get you moving in your life. Do something everyday to get you closer to your goals. Even one small step. But do it!

Three to four times a week, SWEAT. Yes, SWEAT! It’s good for you mentally, emotionally and physically. Our motto is Breathe- (make sure its full breaths, use your whole lungs), focus on yourself and your life, Move your body! Use it even if you have limitations you can find things to do to move it, and then, find your heart.

Find your heart! That place where the real you, the inner teacher lives. Have the courage to know yourself. We all need some help getting a kick start to living the life we truly want. Look around and find the resources that will give you the kick in the ass you need. Seek out a retreat, a life coach, a life altering experience—— DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!!

Here’s to your future!! Make it happen.


Rob and Steve

Rob and Steve facilitate a retreat to help you get a kick start and find YOUR Passion! Join them at Easton Mountain June 11 - 14 !

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