Foundation Day 2014

On May 12, 2000 we assumed stewardship of the abandoned ski resort that would become Easton Mountain. At this place, for fourteen years, lives have been changes, spirits lifted, bodies comforted, minds expanded and emotions expressed. Here spiritual seekers have lived in community, clothed the naked, fed the hungry comforted the suffering. We have shared, joy, celebration and love. We have struggled, we have grown, we have made art, music, fabulous food and lasting friendships, we have grown vegetables and flowers, offered hospitality to thousands, inspired many and enraged a few. We are committed to a ridiculously idealistic vision and achieve practical success far in excess of the resources we have at our disposal. We have been supported by many, loved by many and supported by powers far beyond our understanding. We are a proudly queer spiritual community celebrating fourteen years of success and failure in service of vision far beyond what we can realize in our life and savoring the process one day at a time. Happy Foundation Day Easton Mountain!