Why do you do all the things you do?  For instance, why do you take yoga classes?  Go to the gym?  Seek to connect with handsome, likeminded men? Take fun vacations?  Volunteer your service to meaningful organizations? It’s probably because you’re trying to maximize your experience of life.  You want to feel happy about your life.  You want to feel authentically satisfied.  This is what all of us really want.

At Easton Mountain, part of our mission is to help you as a member of the LGBTQ community get what you really want.  If you’re anything like most of the men who come to Easton Mountain retreat programs, what you want is to feel better, become stronger, look younger, be healthier, and enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.  And guess what?  We can help you achieve all these things faster and easier then you could all on your own through one of our new wellness programs.t all of us really want.

We’ve just launched an exciting program called LIVING WELL.  It’s truly designed to help you get more of what you really want in all areas of your life.  It’s a 3-day retreat where you will be guided on taking the results of a whole-person assessment in 12 unique dimensions of life and distilling from them deeper insight on what’s working best for you and what’s in your life is ready for some meaningful change.  By the end of the workshop you’ll have created a personalized plan to help you maximize the quality of your life, relationships, and your experience of both work and play.  LIVING WELL is about helping you reach your highest potential in each of the areas of your life that are important to you by incorporating the principles and practices of whole-person health & wellbeing with the change mechanism of strategic life coaching.

The addition of coaching is a unique feature of the LIVING WELL retreat.  All participants are given the opportunity to take part in an ongoing wellness coaching group for 3-months following the workshop at Easton Mountain.  Coaching will help you keep your best focus and better incorporate the changes you decide to make into your daily life.  This powerful feature is already included in the price of the retreat.

image003LIVING WELL is for holistic-minded gay men who want healthier habits and a higher quality of life.  Together the participants of a LIVING WELL retreat form a small community of likeminded individuals who can support one another in keeping the promises we make to ourselves.  Uplifting the quality of your life is easier when you do it together with a group of peers seeking the same thing.

  • Lose 15 lbs. by summer
  • Reduce stress & feel more relaxed
  • Improve flexibility & cardio-health
  • Create meaningful daily rituals for health & wellbeing
  • Develop Intimacy & deepen friendships

How would you upgrade your physical and emotional wellbeing?

There’s still time to join us.  We’re launching LIVING WELL February 7-9, 2014 – this is a weekend retreat at Easton Mountain that is followed up by 3 months of wellness coaching.  The retreat will be given again early in the Spring during a special midweek offering on March 24-26, 2014 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), also followed by 3 months of coaching.  To learn more about this program and how it may support you in your wellness and life satisfaction goals, you can visit the webpage at eastonmountain.org/living-well.


  • a 3-day whole-person focused retreat at Easton Mountain;
  • followed up by 3-months of wellness coaching by telephone conference call;
  • about you achieving total life satisfaction and balance using a body-mind-spirit approach.

The LIVNG WELL program flows from over a decade’s worth of work I have been doing as a Certified Life Coach with specialized training in whole-person wellbeing.  Helping you  as a member of the LGBTQ community truly thrive is what this work is all about.  Bringing this work to Easton Mountain is a great joy for me, and I am hopeful that together we can all get more of what we truly want…lives we love marked by greater happiness and deeper satisfaction.  I encourage you to join us.

By Mike Hands,

Living Well Facilitator,

Easton Mountain Resident

Mike Hands, M.A. is a Life Strategist & Wellness Coach, and the founder of Quantum Leap Total Life Coaching.  His training and experience in partnering with holistic minded men in the gay community to integrate the results of their Wellness Inventory scores with a fresh approach to more balanced and satisfying ways of living will serve your highest potential in the LIVING WELL retreats held at Easton Mountain Retreat Center.  He holds certifications in weight management, holistic stress reduction, and mind-body fitness.  Mike is currently a member of the resident faculty of Easton Mountain.