Getting Ready For The Goats!

goatThe plan for bringing goats to Easton Mountain is  well underway. We just had a work week where  many people showed up to help build a barn for our  goats. It was an amazing turn out and everyone  worked so hard. We here at Easton are now anxiously awaiting the  arrival of our goats that will be born in April just up  the road in Argyle, NY. Once they arrive we will be  busy bottle feeding them 3 times a day until they  are weaned, after which we will be bustling around  getting the garden ready for spring. Planting  vegetables and pruning apple trees.

Keep an eye open for upcoming work weekends  where you can come and help us make Easton  Mountain\'s visions a reality. Soon we will be  inoculating logs with shitake mushrooms, making  delicious goat cheese and preparing the fields for  amber waves of grain.

If you are interested in being part of the garden  crew here at Easton whether it be for a day or the  whole summer, drop me a line or add yourself to the  Easton Mountain Garden Crew group on Facebook.  I\'m looking forward to seeing everyone here as the  weather begins to warm, and having everyone meet  our new precious goats that will be arriving soon.  Safe travels, and come home soon.