I can't leave my people

Fr_Frans_van_der_Lugt_Courtesy_Wael_Salibi_CNACompassion literally means “to suffer together.” Father Frans van der Lugt, S.J. has spent a huge chunk of his life together with the people of Syria. He shared their joy and their suffering. He modeled compassion. He gave his life in the utterly foolish way that martyrs give their lives in service to radical expressions of love. Frans did not leave the people of Horms in a time of war. He remained with them in a time of madness while the worlds powers play out their insane war games in Syria with no regard for the peoples lives they wreck. I pray that his sacrifice will help us see the madness of war and in his name we will pressure power to work for peace and justice. Frans van der Lugt, known as Pater Frans (10 April 1938 – 7 April 2014), was a Jesuit priest from the Netherlands. He was shot dead in his monastery in Homs, Syria, in 2014. Link to story on  CNA 'I can't leave my people': Priest killed in Syria hailed as martyr