Il Papa

article-2293971-18B11809000005DC-289_634x462Tonight I pray for pope Francis on the one year anniversary of his pontificate. I admit I am a fan. I am not niave about the massive PR campaign to re-brand "Il Papa” but for a year in the roll this man Francis is doing good…. It also happens to be just a two weeks since the death of one of my spiritual mentors. Sebastian Moore often reminded me of the grave spiritual error of living life to meet the expectations of others. (Even those of a pope) God is forever inviting us to be ourselves, yes with the love, support and challenge of others, but to be ourselves… Francis has set a tone which reminds me that God loves us, as we are, and that we are invited to love each other in this way. We are invited to follow the example of Jesus, a rebellious rabbi overflowing with compassion. One who spoke of liberation of captives, peace, justice, mercy and the overwhelming forgiveness of his tender abba. I am so grateful on this night that Francis is acting like a compassionate papa and not a crosier carrying comadant telling us how he expects us to behave. Viva Il Papa!