Enroll for Living Well during July and receive 20% off the program! Here's what to expect from this innovative new program- Results speak louder than words alone.  Easton Mountain’s LIVING WELL program works!  And this time we have actual test scores that measure it.

After sharing a powerful weekend together back in February, the men who participated in LIVING WELL embarked on a 3 month wellness adventure.  The weekend began with each man taking a wellness assessment measuring their current level of wellbeing in 12 dimensions of their lives.  This same assessment tool was retaken at the conclusion of the program.  The results as measured by the test were truly amazing!

After just 3 months of working with their personally crafted wellness plans and participation in their coaching group 100% of the men who completed the process showed significant improvement in their overall wellness scores.  That’s not to say that every man achieved every goal they set for themselves in 3 months.  But each man did in fact raise their overall wellness scores in virtually every one of the 12 dimensions measured.  This is outstanding, especially when you realize that lifestyle and the daily choices we make are a major contributing factor to our state of health, preventing illness and disease, and the quality of life we experience as we age.  And best of all, every participant mentioned that the process itself felt fun and inspiring.

We are about to launch the next LIVING WELL program at Easton Mountain during the weekend of September 18-20, 2014.  September is one of the most beautiful months of the year to be at Easton Mountain, and what better way to enjoy the land and some quality time away than by beginning a proven process whereby you can significantly improve your sense of wellbeing and total life satisfaction.  Enroll during July and receive 20% off the program. http://eastonmountain.org/programs/

No matter where you are in terms of your level of health and wellbeing, you can significantly improve your experience of life by using this whole-person approach.  You’ll look at the interrelationship of eating, moving, breathing, sensing, communicating, working and playing, thinking and feeling, finding meaning, intimacy, and more.  No area of your life is untouched by the positive changes you may choose to make.

  • Lose weight and enjoy healthier eating habits
  • enhance your mind-body balance with breathing techniques
  • upgrade your personal energy system and declare your life a problem free zone

And best of all, you won’t be doing this alone.  You’ll develop positive connections with the men in your group during the weekend and the 3-month shared coaching process.  If you hold the dream of a richer, healthier life, I invite you to enroll today for LIVING WELL September 2014.

Living Well is led by Mike Hands, a full-time resident of Easton Mountain and a certified wellness coach.  Mike is licensed to facilitate the Wellness Inventory assessment tool and has led wellness groups for nearly 10 years.  His approach uses a whole-person model and strategic coaching to instigate breakthroughs and bring about deeper satisfaction in your life.

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