Living Soulfully Boston

Written by Mike Kutter It started one October Sunday in 2007.  RobBob Bruilliard, Curt Miller, Michael Grohall and I gathered to talk about re-inventing a local group of men associated with Easton.  We all came for different reasons but the goal was the same: to gather the energy and community of Easton Mountain with the men in Boston on a regular basis and create a space for brotherhood, self- exploration, connection and fun.  Living Soulfully was born (although the name came several months later)  We had our first Gathering on Sunday December 2nd 2007, a house party at RobBob\'s house.

Somewhere around the 3rd year RobBob and I crafted our Boston Living Soulfully mission statement:

Living Soulfully Boston is a community of me n who love men that is enriched by our connections to one another and to Easton Mountain. We co - create monthly gatherings of fun, safe, social and spirited events that foster self - exploration and brotherhood. Our vision is to support the lives of men who love men so we can then, collectively, become a more positive force for change in the world.

I\'m the only one of the original four still part of the leadership team. Our current team includes Brad Cohen, Ken Mattsson, David Aurelio and Martin Grealish. Living Soulfully Boston meets once a month, typically October through June and have had a tremendous variety of programs over the years including talent shows, tango dancing, nude figure drawing, Boabom and workshops on intimacy, gratitude practice, meditation, mandalas, communication skills just to name a few. A favorite tradition is Karl Paulnack leading our New Year\'s Ritual.

It truly warms my heart to see that our group is still going strong 6 years later and the commitment and appreciation that the men of Boston Living Soulfully have for our community. A special thanks all who have been part of the leadership team and all the amazing people who have been facilitators for us.

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