On the Feast of St. Ignatius

On the feast of St. Ignatius I am moved to express my deep gratitude for all the Jesuits who have touched my life.

They have been teachers, mentors, friends and lovers. Their intellectual rigor, passion for the gospel and commitment to justice have inspired me since my young adulthood. I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jesuits in the US, Europe and in India; to all, I wish you a happy feast day. I am especially thinking this day of Dan Berigan, Dennis Como, Bob McMillan, Jim Bernauer, Frank Clooney, Frank Moy, Arthur Madigan, and many teachers and friends in Boston, but most of all I send my deep love and gratitude for the greatest Jesuit I have ever met, one expelled from the Society of Jesus, because of his commitment to the voice of God speaking through his conscience.

To John J. McNeill, I say Happy feast day, you would make Ignatius proud!