Pavilion of Imagination


by Sunfire -- In my minds eye, I see myself walking down a path toward the Pavilion of Imagination. It is a simple structure, designed to be a functional space, but tromp l'oil murals have been panted on the sides. As I approach I here music. Then, I see two dancers in the meadow beside the Pavilion, being photographed by a videographer. Inside the Pavilion, I find artists and models. At one side is a lounge area where a few men are writing and reading their work. In another space, others are working on sculpture. This is what I envision for Easton Mountain.

Broken-down structure

For three summers, we've had an art tent. This past winter it collapsed. While paint and other materials that could be damaged by cold had been removed, there were many supplies like paper and pencils still inside the tent. A couple of brave volunteers crawled under some of the wreckage to retrieve the materials that I used in the workshops called "Drawing What You Love," that I did at Winter Gay Spirit Camp and Spring Awakening.

View of shed-roof structure

The staff at Easton Mountain is now considering what to have for a replacement. There's a barn on the High Meadow that once housed goats, and this looks like a likely possibility. I'm proposing turning it into a "Pavilion of Imagination." It would be devoted to all types of imagination - a place to share dreams and aspirations through painting, writing, music, dance, sculpture and conversation. If you're interested in devoting time, talent and/or treasure, let us know.

We'll keep you posted on our plans as they develop.

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