Rag pickers

1912415_10152634908983579_6811049917142180925_oAnother throw back Thursday picture. Madras (now Chennai) 1987, I spent time with “rag pickers” and "rickshaw pullers”. These boys and men are among India’s poorest. Often runaways who survive picking up recyclable materials from the streets or by pulling people in bike powered rickshaws. Fr Vincent, my friend, offered them shelter and support.
I remember these days as some of the most powerful in my life. I was deeply enriched by these encounters. And from this time I am convinced that the notion that some people are more valuable than others must offend God more than most other human folly. All persons are made in God's image. Black lives matter! Immigrant lives matter! Queer peoples lives matter! Poor white people matter! As do rich, privileged people, even people who hurt and exploit others matter in the eyes of God!
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