Reboot Your Life - Nov 12-15


Reboot Your Life: Create ‘What’s Next’ for You!

Design the life you really want, through the power of coaching.

Facilitated by Tim Kincaid, EdD, and Eric Freiman-Polli CPCC

This weekend of discovery will give you:

  • Greater clarity on who you truly are, your life purpose, and what you truly want
  • A deeper understanding of your core values, strengths, and need
  • Greater awareness of what’s holding you back
  • Clear, specific goals with an action plan to move ahead
  • New skills you can use immediately in all areas of your life
  • Ongoing peer support, coaching, and accountability

Drawing directly from the very successful predecessor retreat “The Art of Powerful Living,” this weekend will be a catalytic experience for gay men.  It will enable men to explore all aspects of their life thus achieving greater clarity, vision, and direction.  During the “Reboot Your Life” weekend, men will focus on relationships, money, career, spirituality, health, wellness, and other vital issues. Each participant will gain deeper personal insight by completing the powerful Enneagram personality survey online before the weekend. 

Who should attend “Reboot Your Life”. . .

  • You are at a crossroads, and are ready to create “what’s next” in your life
  • You feel “stuck” and want a breakthrough
  • You want to experience coaching as a powerful process for self-awareness, goal setting, and life design
  • You want to create a bigger, more fulfilling life for yourself.
  • You are already on your way and want support with refining your path.

Reboot Your Life” will be a highly experiential weekend. Through small group and one-on-one coaching, journaling, storytelling, self-assessments, and dialog, you will have the opportunity to deeply reflect on who you are and what you really want in life. You will receive honest, supportive feedback to help you create your goals and action plan in a safe, supportive tribe of gay men, guided by two professional coaches who are also gay men. We will use proven principles and tools from the field of coaching throughout the weekend.

Over the years, many men have returned to get great value by attending the Art of Powerful Living for a second time.  Why not come and experience this new and expanded version?

What past participants have said about the predecessor workshop:

  • "The weekend helped me identify areas of my life which needed attention and empowered me to take actions to get on track to a fuller life!”
  • “I found that the workshop propelled me into an awareness that I had not previously experienced despite years of men's work. I became aware that though I've struggled to free myself from the binds of my past, in fact I've been living in the story of my past as if that story was my life."
  • "I am lighter now and able to move on with identified realistic goals.”
  • "A place to be with a supportive community, all searching for some meaningful ways to express themselves. A place for change."
  • “A weekend where are you able to learn how to move things along in your life, and learn about tools to get you unstuck.”


If you have questions about rides, meals, & more, visit our FAQ PAGE 

Rates and Accommodations All rates include housing, food and programming unless otherwise noted. Bookings are per person per bed.

Commuter: $ 415 Does not include Housing. Use this option if you want to attend the programming and have meals, but wish to stay off campus.


Garden Cabin: $ 535 Dormitory style with 5 bunk beds that can sleep up to 10 people. Bathrooms facilities in the Lodge, 500 ft away.

quadyQuad: $ 585 Each quad room has two sets of bunk beds. its own bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with up to 3 other guests.

SemiPvt500Semi Private: $ 735 Each semi-private room has 2 beds, a bathroom and shower. You may be sharing with 1 other guest.

To ensure the best possible experience for each participant, a small amount of pre-work and a short telephone interview will be required as part of the registration for the retreat. Your rate includes a $40 life assessment. 

DSCN1903 The facilitators of “Reboot Your Life: Create ‘What’s Next’ for You” are two highly trained coaches who have many years of professional coaching and leadership experience. Tim and Eric are both certified coaches and are active members of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

Want to know more? Contact us with questions:

Tim Kincaid 817-716-3103

Eric Freiman-Polli 617-794-5920