Sexism stinks

BishopIf you agree with me that sexism stinks, please join me in letting the Bishop of Madison WI know your feelings. Bishop Morlino refuses to wash the feet of women on Holy Thursday and has barred the priests in his diocese from doing so as well, in spite of the example set by Pope Francis last year. I think that stinks. Morlino needs to know that our sisters, wives, mothers, daughters and nieces deserve so much more from those who exercise power in the Church. So I intend to send the good bishop a pair of dirty socks to let him know that I think that he is setting a profoundly bad example and it really stinks. I want him to know the women I love deserve more. This prelate profoundly exemplifies the example of one who’s heart has hardened and belly has softened to the point that he has really lost touch with the people of God. His example stinks far worse than my dirty socks but I hope they will serve as an olfactory reminder that his outdated piety will not cover the stench of his misogyny. Please join me and send a pair of your old stinkers to the bishop and let him know that the disciples of Christ includes the other half of the human race. Repost if you agree.

Bishop Morlino Diocese of Madison 702 South High Point Road PO Box 44983 Madison, WI 53719