Thank you Fred Phelps

fred-phelpsOne might ask; “why would a fag like me love the God hates fags folks as much as I do?’ The answer is: they did far more to advance positive attitudes towards gay people than we might ever know. Yes one could say Fred and his gang are a bunch of pathetic morons ...  I would say that. One might feel bad for a guy who must have been a tormented soul and who was probably mentally ill …. I feel that too. A campy person might quote the great Betty Davis who said that her mother told her to speak only “good” of the dead and say dragging on a cigarette … “Fred Phelps is dead … good”. But alas this mad jester with his torment turned the garbage in his heart into a compost that gave rise to beautiful flowers …. opening the hearts of folks that the gay rights lobby could never reach… by setting such a bad example… even those who were set up to hate us fags could not go along with the antics of this mad preacher … he even got the commentators on Fox defending the fags. Thank you Freddy baby … RIP.