The New Pool!

Excitement broke throughout Easton Mountain earlier today when the tractors and work crew arrived to begin installing our new swimming pool!  Thanks to the generosity of many from our extended community, we were able to upgrade the swimming pool after the harsh winter destroyed the old pool.  In place of the old pool we now have a completed deck with tables, umbrellas, and chairs.  The new pool is being installed where the volleyball court had been.  If all goes according to plan, it should be ready to swim in at the beginning of Freedom Camp! The pool, when complete, will have a fenced in area, a lounging deck space of its own, and be far enough away from the Great Room so that guests can enjoy a swim even if a workshop were going on.  The new pool is significantly larger than the old pool and will be submerged in the ground.  With a length of over 40 feet, you can swim  laps, yet the oval shape will let us enjoy pool volleyball and the ever popular beach ball game, “can you keep it up”?