What IS That Interesting New Building?


There's a new meeting space at Easton that will  make the place more adaptable to visitors and  residents. It's a twenty foot diameter yurt with a  domed roof, skylights and large, screened  windows. A yurt is a round, Turkic or Mongolian  portable living structure (also called a Ger). The  nomads live in them, then fold them up and move  to greener pastures for their Yak herds. The  modern interpretation at Easton was built by Moss  Tidd and is a far cry from the lattice-work, stick and  yak wool felt structures of Asia. The walls are  cabinet grade plywood on a galvanized steel pipe  frame. The roof is a reinforced vinyl material with  high-tech bubble insulation. The openablewindows and central skylight create good  ventilation. The yurt is designed as a third meeting space (after  the Great Room and Temple). It is perfect for small  groups to meet in an intimate setting. When not  used as a meeting place, it will serve as a get-away  for the volunteers living at Easton. It has electricity,  a lovely wool rug and will have Wi-Fi connectivity  for laptop/iPad use.