Youth programs at Easton Mountain


The second annual Out in the Woods Music Festival  was a great success with Hunter Reynolds raising  over $15,000 dollars through his Indiegogo  campaign. This year there will be two programs at  Easton Mountain focused on the young queer  community. The first program is being run by Matt Breau, a  former Queer Spirit Camper and an active volunteer  over the past five years. 'What is Queer?' will be a  workshop for young queer adults (18-29) who are  interested in personal exploration. The goal of the  workshop is to unpack and explore the ways young  queer people express themselves and relate to  others in order to live more intentionally in day to  day life. It will be held the weekend of January 4th-6th.

The second program, 'Art in the Woods\', is being  organized by Hunter Reynolds. It will consist of four  weekly art education workshops in Manhattan for  20-30 LGBTQ at-risk youth starting the first week of  July to culminate in a week-long camp at Easton in  August 2013. Queer young adults will be invited to  share their stories through art in a safe and  supportive environment."

Written by Drew  Lynch