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10th Annual Gay Men's Shamanic Retreat

Embracing Balance and Honoring Milestones

Sun setting above clouds   Photo provided by, free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0.

Sun setting above clouds   Photo provided by, free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0.

Gather in community with other men – gay, bi, and queer shamans – near the autumnal equinox, a time marking equal day and equal night, when for a moment it seems that nature is in complete balance.  It is a time to assess your equilibrium, of giving thanks for the harvest and the bounty the Earth provides, and for finishing up projects while welcoming what comes next.  This is a time for celebration and embracing balance.

Enter into a state of retreat as we fully open our hearts. Tend to yourself, to each other, as well as the Easton Mountain land and our community.  Honor the wisdom and experiences you embody--living as a Two-Spirit shaman--reflecting upon balancing darkness and light, letting go and allowing, and taking stock of the blessings in your life.

Through shamanic journeying, drum circle, ceremony and ritual, you will have opportunities to share and refine your shamanism practice: deepen your connections to your Spirit guides, ancestors, energetic power animals, ascended teachers and allies. 

This retreat welcomes gay, bi and queer men from all shamanic traditions who are experienced and skilled* in journeying to their Spirit allies, and who are actively engaged in the healing practice of shamanism for themselves and/or for others.

Join us as we drum, journey, explore and celebrate our successes, our abundance, and as we honor those who have helped us find balance in life.  Also, we will honor and celebrate the milestone and blessing of Easton Mountain's commitment to hosting one decade of shamans’ retreats.


To sign up for the retreat, first fill out the application form here.  
You will be given a booking code to come back here and complete your registration

If you have attended a prior Annual Gay Shamans Retreat OR an Introduction to Shamanism retreat at Easton Mountain then your registration is pre-approved, since you have the required understanding of core shamanism practices and the associated journey skills to attend this retreat.  You will be be given an opportunity to complete the Self-Assessment Questions so as to review your current shamanic practices.  A booking code will be provided to you at the time you complete the application form.  

If you have not attended prior shaman's events at Easton Mountain, please be sure to complete the Self-Assessment Questions. In the application form, we would also like to know how you practice shamanism for yourself or others, and what teachers you have studied shamanism with. Your application will be reviewed and a booking code will be provided, once approved.

We want to be sure that all participants share common experiences with Spirit ally contacts and core shamanic skills.  The gay shamans who will attend the retreat have a history of experience actively practicing shamanism.  It is important to have an understanding of core shamanism practices and the associated journey skills.  We appreciate an honest self-assessment of your knowledge and skills to attend this retreat.  Feel free to contact the facilitators with questions. 

Self-Assessment Questions:  

* Are you currently practicing shamanism as a spiritual practice for yourself or for others?
* Are you familiar with the three worlds of shamanic cosmology: Upper, Middle, and Lower? 
* Have you successfully and regularly experienced a shamanic journey?
* Do you have contact in non-ordinary reality [NOR] with an energetic power animal and ascended teacher or spirit ally teacher?
* Do you have contact with your ancestral lines or ancestors? 
* Do you have an affinity and connection to Nature whereby you honor and communicate with Nature spirits? 
* Do you have a hand drum, rattle and/or other tools for use with your shamanic practice? 

If you do not have such experience or practice at this time, we welcome you to attend a future Introduction to Shamanism workshop at Easton Mountain. To study and learn about shamanism as a personal spiritual practice, we recommend the following highly-regarded resources for classes, training, and drum circles:  Sandra Ingerman's Teachers  and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS).

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Testimonials from the 2016 Gay Men's Shamanic Retreat

Testimonials from the past Gay Men's Shamanic Retreats

"  Shaman" by Anry Nemo".

"Shaman" by Anry Nemo".

(Apply here first) 

Rates and Accommodations

  • Newbie Rate: $395
    Includes meals, programming, and best available housing. For first-time visitors to Easton Mountain only.
  • Commuter - $195
    Includes meals and programming, does not include housing.  Choose this option if you want to stay off-site.
  • Garden Cabin - $395
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in our bunk house (5 bunk beds).  Showers are located at the Lodge, about 500 ft. away.
  • Quad - $445
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 4-person (2 bunk beds) room with shared bath.
  • Semi-Private - $595
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 2-person room with shared bath.
  • Event starts with dinner on Friday, Sep 22nd at 7pm
  • Event ends with Closing Circle on Sunday, Sep 24th around 2pm
    You can arrive anytime after Noon on the start day. Rooms will be ready no later than 3pm)
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Later Event: October 12
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