Celebrating its eighth year, Camp Nehirim brings the best elements of Jewish Boys' Camp -- including a dazzling group of adult Jewish boys! -- into Easton's unique affirming community of men loving men.

Camp Nehirim, running Wednesday through Sunday, is five days of swimming, hiking, frisbee, river tubing, campfires, hot tubbing, cookouts, delicious food, inspiring workshops, and a special Jewish ruach (spirit) of community and spirituality.

.  If you're Jewish, imagine the best of progressive Jewish summer camp...but everyone's queer or gay!

.  If you're not Jewish, come to Easton and experience the contemporary expression of a spiritual tradition thousands of years old,  filled with wisdom, humor, and ritual in which everyone can find a place.

Spend the time perhaps learning Talmud (Jewish sacred text) in the Lodge, hiking through nature on one of Easton's many trails around the mountain, or relaxing by the pool. Every evening gather for a circle of community, delicious food, and creative programming. On Friday night welcome Shabbat with traditional prayer and exhilarating music. Shabbat, the Sabbath, was described by Abraham Joshua Heschel as "a palace in time," and at Camp Nehirim, we luxuriate in the palace (complete with hot tub and sauna), feeling the blessing of shalom, of peace, in ways you can't experience anywhere else.

The Camp Nehirim atmosphere is light and warm. We build supportive community with one another, and provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, Shabbat services, and free time to play in the pool or relax in a hammock. We observe a non-Orthodox Judaism in which the centuries of Jewish learning and practice fit magically into the gay and spiritual environment unique to Easton Mountain.

It's a Jewish retreat, so food is a very important component to our experience. We bake our own challah on Friday afternoon and every menu is designed as an homage to Jewish culinary culture. Oh, yes, and there's a kosher barbecue on Thursday night (well, it's summer camp, for crying out loud). Easton's kitchen is not kosher, but all our meals are kosher by ingredient, with parve, vegan, options at all times.

Have questions?    Contact

Camp Director - Rabbi David Bauer - dunnbauer@gmail.com or
Assistant Camp Director - Harvey Perle - harvey@perleandcompany.com
or Call Harvey at (651) 303 -8889


Four smiling men with arms on each others' shoulders

Four smiling men with arms on each others' shoulders

About the Facilitators - More Coming Soon

Rates and Accommodations

Camping - Friday-Sunday – $245.00 (USD) Bring Your Own Tent

Camping - Wednesday-Sunday – $345.00 (USD) Bring Your Own Tent

Double - Friday-Sunday – $655.00 (USD)

Double - Wednesday-Sunday – $755.00 (USD)

Garden Cabin - Friday-Sunday – $365.00 (USD)  Shared bath

Garden Cabin - Wednesday-Sunday – $465.00 (USD)   Shared bath

Quad - Friday-Sunday – $495.00 (USD) Four in a room - private bath

Quad - Wednesday-Sunday – $595.00 (USD)  Four in a room - private bath

  • Event starts with dinner on Wednesday, Aug 23rd at 7pm
  • Event ends with Closing Circle on Sunday, Aug 27th around 2pm
    You can arrive anytime after Noon on the start day. Rooms will be ready no later than 3pm)