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Hearts on Fire: An Easter Retreat

Light candles and altar

Light candles and altar

What sets your heart on fire?  What are you doing when you feel most fully alive?  Who are you being when you’re most authentically yourself?   And how do these experience relate to how you encounter God in your life and relationships?

Hearts on Fire is our 2017 Easter Retreat where we ask these questions, inviting the mystery of Christ’s resurrection to renew our lives, relationships, and way we live in the world.

Our retreat theme is inspired by the story of the Road to Emmaus from the Christian gospel tradition.  The men traveling together on the road were engaged by a mysterious stranger in a conversation that touched on their deepest values, longing, and hopes.  They recalled how their hearts were on fire as they shared this intimate communion with one another and how they came to recognize the Risen Christ present to them in the breaking of the bread.

Three men sitting in a circle talking

Three men sitting in a circle talking

During this retreat, we invite you to enter sacred heart space with a community of gay men open to spirit.  We’ll share from the heart about our lives, our longings, and how we can better find joy in life and in the world.  We’ll share where we have found God in our lives, and perhaps where God has found us, despite our tendencies for distraction or disinterest in such religious things.

Regardless of whether you describe yourself as Christian or not, this Easter themed retreat is for gay and queer people who yearns to have their hearts set on fire by greater faith, hope, and love in community.  And if the Christian tradition is something you are interested in, this retreat is an opportunity to reclaim aspects of this tradition in the light of your authentic spiritual experience as a gay man of spirit.

In addition to times for spiritual sharing from the heart, there will be time to enjoy getting to know each other better through fun activities, delicious home cooked meals, and for just relaxing together in the hot tub and sauna, etc.  

About the Facilitators

Rates and Accommodations

  • Commuter: $295
    Includes all meals and programming.  Select this option if you want to stay off-site.
  • Best Available Housing: $395
    Includes all meals, programming, and best available housing at time of registration.
  • Event starts with dinner on Thursday, Apr 27th at 7pm
  • Event ends with Closing Circle on Sunday, Apr 30th around 2pm
    You can arrive anytime after Noon on the start day. Rooms will be ready no later than 3pm)
Later Event: May 5
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