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Gay Men of Color

Gay Men of Color
Come join us in manifesting an innovative community

The retreat for the weekend will include: community building, creating a safe space, discussions of spirituality, socio-politics, food related groups, mindful body work, yoga, movies,, dancing, intersectionality, and identity issues.

As a man of color, you have probably found that there are very few places where you feel welcome, and this can be felt more strongly when you are gay or queer. This weekend is about cultivating compassion, experience, joy, individual knowledge, wisdom, the acknowledgment of the divine in each other, and love.

Join your queer and gay brothers in learning ways to manifest the power of creation, a power that roots us in a vision that will sustain and enrich us, so we can better care for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.


Memories of Gay Men of Color 2016 by Tony Gray

There were an impressive range of workshops , with many opportunities to interact with the other participants,  who included warm interesting men of various ages and occupations. In a self selected workshop, a facilitator shared tips about creating a healthier, chemical free home environment.  Another facilitator guided us to share the ways in which shame has influenced our experiences and behavior around sexuality. Another group hiked the grounds to learn more about Easton Mountain and enjoy each others company. Early risers participated in a yoga class.  Meals were healthy and delicious with freshly baked bread, muffins and desserts. Vegan and vegetarian options were available. Our evenings were free to enjoy the hot tub and sauna.  Optional events included movies, raiding the Easton Mountain drag collection and dancing!

About the Facilitators:

Rates and Accommodations

$295 - includes housing, food and programming with the best available accommodations at time of registration. Bookings are per person per bed.