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Living Beyond Belief

Four days and three nights diving into "The Work," the ultimate inner adventure toward your own freedom."

“Why does this S#!T keep happening to me!?”“When will I be genuinely happy?”“This is NOT the life I signed up for!”Is this ever you?Unconscious, “Teflon” beliefs – the ones we can’t stop believing – may be at play. In Living Beyond Belief, we will learn to use The Work to uncover our most stuck and painful beliefs, transform them in the light of your own loving integrity and be released – for good.Imagine living from an unshakable happiness and peace in any situation. That’s what happens to people who do “The Work,” a meditation using four simple questions that take you straight to the thinking that’s holding you hostage and to the truth that sets you free, your truth. Men at Easton are already diving into this practice and reporting breakthroughs in places they have been stuck their whole lives. Please join us. 

We will explore the core practices of The Work created by Byron Katie. In a container of loving silence, we will learn how to identify our deeply held stressful thoughts about our bodies, our partners, our parents, and our colleagues and turn them around. We will connect to others passionate about transformation and freedom in an environment of safety, compassion and fun. At the end, you will walk away with a tool to free yourself in any situation that you can use for life.All genders and orientations welcome!!Note: The emphasis of this retreat will be inquiry into your sweet, beautiful self.  To facilitate this, we agree to spend part of each day in silence and to refrain from cell phones and computers.

More about Byron Katie & "The WorkByron Katie discovered The Work in 1986, at the bottom of a ten-year spiral into depression, rage, and self-loathing. Katie woke up one morning to a state of constant joy that has never left her. She realized that when she believed her stressful thoughts, she suffered, but that when she questioned them, she didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. She has devoted her life to sharing this truth and The Work ever since.  For a taste of Katie and The Work in practice, please visit her youtube channel. Recommended (but not required) reading before attending: Loving What Is. "The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is. When the mind is perfectly clear, what is is what we want." ~ Byron Katie “Byron Katie’s Work is a great blessing for our planet.” – Eckhart Tolle

About the Facilitator

Justin Taylor is a graduate of Byron Katie’s  School for the Work and a Certification Candidate in her Institute for facilitators of The Work. He has been applying The Work daily to every aspect of his life for the past eight years and enjoys nothing more than meeting his mind with understanding and watching it transform. He is passionate about sharing this process with others. Learn more about him at

Rates and Accomodations

All rates included housing, food and programming unless otherwise noted. Bookings are per person per bed

Commuter: $275
Does not include Housing. Use this option if you want to attend the programming and have meals, but wish to stay off campus. 
Garden Cabin: $295

Our beautiful Garden Cabin is a dormitory style accommodation with 5 bunk beds that can accommodate up to 10 people. The bathroom facilities for guests staying in the Garden Cabin are located on the ground level of the Lodge, approximately 500 feet away. 
Quad Room: $395

Each quad room has two sets of bunk beds. its own bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with up to 3 other guests.

Semi Private Room: $495
Each semi-private room has two beds. its own bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with 1 other guests. ]

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