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Celebrating Gay Manhood

Gay Men of Wisdom presents a program that will help you to unlock your gay gifts and become leader in the world!  Facilitated by Ray Rigoglioso, author of Gay Men and the New Way Forward

Men outside in a meeting

Men outside in a meeting

Image of bookcover of Gay men and the New Way Forward

Image of bookcover of Gay men and the New Way Forward

Gay men embody Sustainable Manhood--a form of manhood that all men will need to adopt if human beings are to survive on the planet. The key is our Masculine-Feminine Intelligence--the way we embody and express of the entire range of human experience.  Gay men are leaders of, and have wisdom for, all men. Yet we often feel disconnected from our sense of being men. We can change that. Indeed, the times we are living in make it imperative that we do so.

This weekend program will invite you to discover, embrace, and celebrate how you are a man--on your terms, as you embody it--not as dictated by the dominant culture. Using the Distinct Gay Male Gifts as a guide, you will explore your Masculine-Feminine Intelligence, your Gentle, Collaborative Social Orientation, and Sustainable Manhood. You will see how these gifts give you the power to lead and be of service. You will tap into your authentic masculine--those archetypal traits of good men.  The program will include a powerful ritual that will help you release the messages, fears, and threats you have taken on from men. A guided visualization will lead you to a deeper understanding of your valued form of manhood. We end the program with a meditation on all 14 Distinct Gay Male Gifts, and a closing circle where we honor each other.  

Celebrating Gay Manhood will help you stand tall in how you embody manhood. In doing so, you will discover the wisdom and leadership you have for all men.

From Past Participants

"I realize that I actually AM a man, whereas I have always felt like a genderless entity. I realize that the feminine traits I express are actually beneficial to the world, and that I can express masculine traits in a kinder, gentler way. I am less afraid of straight men, less afraid to be my authentic self no matter what the situation." Rob M. 

"I feel more at home in my masculine-feminine balance. I understand how my victim mentality kept me in isolation. This experience has helped me move beyond inclusion or exclusion." Justin T.

"All gay men can benefit from this work. When we experience the play of masculine and feminine energy in our daily lives, we understand what the deeper meaning of being a gay man is." Richard G.

"This program helped me get in touch with how important I am to humanity as a gay man. We have something incredible to do on this earth. We possess unique qualities. We matter. We are special. We have a sensitivity that is desperately needed by humanity. I felt immediately welcomed and connected to this group of men who care about how we as gay men can make a difference in the world." - Paulo F.

"I have experienced another big step toward knowing--really knowing--my true value." - Mark F.

"I have a greater acceptance of my own masculinity and manhood without reservation, without judgment, without apology. I am a man worthy of recognition for my own gifts. I have more confidence engaging with straight men, more willingness to share my gay gifts with straight men and help them balance their own path and energy." Shawn B.

About the Facilitator

Rates and Accommodations

  • Newbie Rate: $295
    Includes meals, programming, and best available housing. For first-time visitors to Easton Mountain only.
  • Commuter - $195
    Includes meals and programming, does not include housing.  Choose this option if you want to stay off-site.
  • Garden Cabin - $395
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in our bunk house (5 bunk beds).  Showers are located at the Lodge, about 500 ft. away.
  • Quad - $445
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 4-person (2 bunk beds) room with shared bath.
  • Semi-Private - $595
    Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 2-person room with shared bath.
  • Event starts with dinner on Friday, Oct 20th at 7pm
  • Event ends with Closing Circle on Sunday, Oct 22nd around 2pm
    You can arrive anytime after Noon on the start day. Rooms will be ready no later than 3pm)

Earlier Event: October 12
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