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Easton Mountain invited renowned facilitator Steve Schwartzberg to guide a weekend of erotic exploration in a brand new workshop!


What does Easter or Passover mean to you?  In Judeo-Christian traditions, these holidays are rich with meaning.  The heart of Easter is resurrection.  Passover is the Jewish celebration of freedom.  Central to both is the deep idea of renewal and rebirth, of embracing mystery, of moving through, and transcending, that which enslaves us.  Passion/Play is a new hands-on, full-bodied, 3-day workshop that explores these central sacred themes in our own bodies.  In the context of an intimate brotherhood, we will engage in rituals including dialogue, ecstatic breathwork, erotic touch, movement, and meditation.  The workshop welcomes all men, regardless of religious background or current beliefs – all that is needed is an openness to Eros as a pathway to greater self-discovery and connection with the sacred. 

Some prior experience with erotic group-work, in a clothing free environment, is recommended. If you would like to participate but don't have prior experience, please contact the facilitator. 




Commuter - $295
Includes meals and programming, does not include housing.  Choose this option if you want to stay off-site.

Garden Cabin - $545
Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in our bunk house (5 bunk beds).  Showers are located at the Lodge, about 500 ft. away.

Quad - $595
Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 4-person (2 bunk beds) room with shared bath.

Semi-Private - $745
Includes meals, programming, and accommodations in a 2-person room with shared bath.