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Tantra Love Festival

Join us for five days of exciting, sensual, spiritual, erotic, mind-expanding experiences!

The Tantra Love Festivals are unique. We have created them for you to discover the amazing world of Tantra with an incredible group of men who love men. The Festivals are all about love, exploration, connection, and shared ecstatic experiences. Come and indulge, be yourself, be loved exactly as you are, forge deep friendship with like-minded guys, explore together, and do just as much Tantra as you like. Let us take take you on a relaxed, playful and celebratory journey into Tantra. We offer dozens of amazing workshops and experiences over five days that will change your life and open your heart to entirely new possibilities of spiritual connection and transformation: There are so many things to discover:

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A program bursting with Tantra Workshops and other goodies. We work hard to bring you the world's best man-to-man Tantra experiences. There is so much on offer that you feel spoiled and find it difficult to choose!

Carefully curated ecstatic rituals and experiences. Enjoy hands-on, workshops designed to give you a direct experience of Tantra. Come, join us, and access experiences you have never had before!

Mindblowing meditations, Tantric Yoga, and related disciplines. Tantra is a way of being, a stare of inner ecstasy. We aim to offer you many different access routes into Tantra - gentle and meditative, physical and yogic, sensual and indulgent, mindblowing and ecstatic. The choice is yours.

Inspiring international teachers. Each year, we select best teachers, workshops and experiences currently available worldwide. We'll keep announcing them on our News Page.

Up to 130 men to connect and play with. Over the years, we have built an incredible community of men who join us year after year. Deep friendships have developed among them, and it feels like family. You can be part of this!! You won't feel alone at the Festival for a minute!

Lots and lots of touch, cuddles and Tantric Massage. Touch is supremely important at the Tantra Love Festivals. There will be lots of workshops in Tantric Massage, as well as cuddles and touch. You will get lots and lots of touch if you are up for it!

Hot tub spa and sauna to indulge. Unwind and relax in the hot tub, pool and sauna, open during the day and late into the evening! Indulge in the warmth, ease away any tensions and relax with new-founds friends. Float away to heaven in the evenings, with candles and ambient music!

Plenty of space to relax, and 24 hour refreshments. We offer plenty of space for to relax and chill wiht new freinds and old, and you can enjoy snacks and refreshments 24 hours a day!


A Typical Festival Day

Here is what a typical day at our Fiestival is like!

Days start with Morning Meditation and Yoga – we have designed a program of beautifully facilitated meditations both active and silent, and of different styles of yoga, so there is plenty of new things to learn and every day is different. The choice is yours!

Then it’s time for our Buffet Breakfast – hang out with your friends and have your breakfast wherever you’d like.

After breakfast, we will hold our Morning Meeting in which teachers will present their workshops of the day - so you know exactly what's on offer.

This is followed by the day's first Tantra Workshop Session - see below for an idea of what awaits you.

Then it’s for Lunch, followed by some Free Time to hang out in the spa or do whatever your heart desires.

At our festivals, each participant is assigned to a Family - a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. Many festival goers say that this is the time where the best friendships are forged!

Then, in the afternoon, the day's second Tantra Workshop Session - again see below for the variety of workshops you can expect.

This is followed by Dinner with dessert.

After Dinner, it's time for the third Tantra Workshop Session and Evening Entertainment - these evening sessions are often very special rituals to go deep and celebrate!

After that, from about 10.30pm, time to indulge in the late evening and hang out - in the Spa and Sauna, in the Coffee Bar, or in our specially created Love Lounge where you can meet others to cuddle, touch, and exchange massage.

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Workshops and Experiences

Here is a list of some of our offerings!

  • The Tantric Bliss Toolkit
  • Breath, Ecstasy, Passionate Brothers
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man
  • What You Really Want
  • Tantric Erotic Massage
  • Opening to the Freedom of the Heart
  • Touch, Flex, Flow
  • Tantric Cuddle Share
  • Tantric Energy Healing
  • Intense Sensation and Ecstasy
  • Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation
  • Conscious Power Exchange
  • Erotic Playfighting
  • Journey Through The Senses
  • The Power of Letting Go
  • Traditional Kriya Tantra
  • Meeting Your Inner Essence
  • Sacred Sound Immersion
  • Riding The Breath of Life
  • Bodyflow Massage
  • Tantric Shiatsu
  • Transcendence: A High Tantric Ritual
  • Your Pathway to Super Orgasms The Healing Body Activation
  • Tantric Bathing Ritual
  • Mantra Concert
  • Working with the Chakra System
  • From Fear To Love
  • Ecstatic Self-Pleasuring
  • Erotic Body Painting
  • Shamanism: Elements and Animal Spirits
  • Creating Sacred Soundscapes
  • Tantric Mediumship
  • The Natural Health Matrix
  • Flogging for Fun and Erotic Connection
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Tantric Meditations
  • TheAlchemy of Yoga
  • Exploration of Drag
  • Conscious Surrender
  • Rough Body Play
  • Sensual Massage
  • I Am Light
  • Body, Colour and Movement
  • Euphoria
  • Play Parties
  • Sensual Chakra Massage


The Venue

The Tantra Love Festival East will be held in Upstate New York, at the fantastic Easton Mountain Retreat Center.

Easton Mountain is a community, retreat center, and sanctuary for men who love men, created by gay men as a gift to the world. Its mission is to provide opportunities to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit, through workshops, programs and events.

Easton Mountain is located in the Hudson Valley, New York, in the midst of a beautiful secluded mountain landscape, on 170 acres of private land, with plenty of serene nature, forests, hills, and a beautiful lake at its center. It is a magical place - secluded and quiet, yet only 3 hours from New York City, Boston, and Montreal. Above all, Easton Mountain is a community - a fellowship of people connected to each other and Easton's mission

For the Festival, we will have the entire venue and the surrounding lands for ourselves, and the Easton Mountain and Tantra4GayMen teams will work together to create a space where you can be free, feel held, have lots of fun exploring Tantra with other loving men.

Easton Mountain offers all the amenities you could wish for a Tantra Festival. The Main Lodge is the center of activity. It has a main workshop space with a fireplace and hardwood floors; an indoor dining hall; additional meeting space to socialize; a spa area; and a terrace and outdoor pool. Nearby, The Temple is an interfaith sanctuary sitting directly by the lake, with lovely views of the water, and is perfect for rituals, workshops and meditation. Other buildings include the charming Guest House and the beautiful Garden Cabin, both home to guests’ accommodation. There is plenty of space for camping around, and plenty of nature which you can explore on numerous hiking trails.



  • Food is a really important part of the festival. Easton Mountain's heart-warming food receives rave reviews from our festival goers. Food has always been at a very high standard and an incredibly high quality given the price.
  • Your food ticket gives you full board for the entire festival: Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, and afternoon cake every day, plus 24/7 refreshments. Breakfast is usually served continental style, with assorted breads, bagels, and cereals available, along with oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner are hot meals with fresh bread and salad available. The food throughout the Festival will be vegetarian. Snacks such as fruits, and nuts, along with coffee, assorted hot teas, chilled water, and iced tea, are available 24 hours a day in the dining room.
  • The Festival food is vegetarian. Why? From our experience, whilst we don’t have any view or judgement about eating meat, what we do know is that when we consume meat it lowers certain vibrations in your body. It makes your energy heavier and you will be unable to have the full experience with Tantra. Choosing to not eat meat during these days will heighten your experience, your sensations, and bring you into more joy and ecstasy.
  • That said, we have worked with Easton Mountain to create a meal plan that is vegetarian, but hearty and heart-warming: You won't leave a meal hungry! And last year, our Festival goers fed back to us that the food was fantastic and they did not miss the meat at all.
  • Please note that we do not accommodate special dietary requests for food allergies. If you have specific food allergies, we suggest you bring special food for yourself to supplement any food that we serve which you can eat. Refrigerator space can be provided for you if needed to store your food. Should you have any questions about our meal plans, please contact us at


Easton Mountain offers a wide range of accommodation. There is something for everyone - from very comfortable but still reasonably priced, to simple and very good value. Please be aware that the best accommodation is limited in numbers and likely to book out quickly.

  • Semi Private Rooms with Ensuite Bathroom: They are located in Easton Mountain’s Guest House. Each room has 2 beds, a private bathroom, and shower. You can book with a friend, or you will be sharing with 1 other guest.
  • Semi Private Rooms with Separate Bathroom: They are located in Easton Mountain’s Guest House. Each room has 2 beds. Bathroom and shower are shared with other rooms. You can book with a friend, or you will be sharing with 1 other guest.
  • Quad Rooms with Ensuite Bathroom: Located in Easton Mountain’s Guest House, each quad room has two sets of bunk beds. Each room has its own private bathroom and a shower. You may be sharing with up to 3 other guests. These rooms are ideal if you are coming with friends - please let us know who you would like to share with, and we will arrange that.
  • Garden Cabin: The Garden Cabin consists of a large room with five bunk beds, sleeping up to 10 guests. Bathrooms facilities are available in the Lodge, a 2 minutes walk.
  • Luxury Glamping (camping gear, bed and bedding provided by us; private tent): Enjoy the privacy of your own private tent! We will provide you a cot and sleeping bag in a private tent, all set up and ready for you (lamp provided) - no need to bring your camping gear. Bathroom in the Lodge nearby.
  • Camping: Bring your own camping gear and pitch your tent in the beautiful nature. You will use the bathroom facilities in the Lodge, a 2 minutes walk.

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