Arnie Katz

SINGLES RETREAT PRESENTER - Arnie Katz, LMT, ACC is a Boston-based licensed massage therapist, workshop facilitator, and certified professional coach. He has been dedicated to serving the health and well-being of people through professional caring touch and enthusiastic wellness promotion for over 30 years. Touch is a vital and primary language of communication for him, and facilitating healing and growth is his calling.  Arnie thoroughly enjoys supporting the men of Easton Mountain on their journeys towards greater aliveness, passion, happiness, and embodiment, and he has fun while doing so!   

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Arnie will be presenting:

I Am Awesome! 

Many of us were taught really crappy messages about self-love…”It’s selfish to love yourself.” “It’s wrong.” “It’s egotistical.” “It’s narcissistic.”  These beliefs can block our ability to love ourselves authentically and reinforce guilt about making self-loving choices.  In this workshop, we will create a gentle and tender container to explore ways to be kinder and more loving towards ourselves, to be more loving towards our bodies, to create honest messages about who we are that are also loving and positive, to let go of some negative beliefs, and to bask in a space devoted to self-love in a group setting

The Sensuality of Touch

Description:  Touch is sensual by nature.  Yet, we can do things to open ourselves up to and
expand our experience of sensuality in the body. In this touch-based workshop, we will slow
down our touch to the moment, and explore touching the body in delicious ways, encouraging
expression and expansion of our sensuality and savoring the beauty of the male form.  We will
pay attention to how men respond and seek to heighten and deepen our body’s capacity to
receive touch in ways that wake us up, that delight us, and that heighten our sensitivity, our
pleasure, and our awareness of the healing gifts that our sensual natures give us. Participants can
be clothes free or in underwear or shorts, based upon your personal comfort level.  Emphasis on
safety, boundaries, and respect for all.  Massage oil will be used. Limited to 22 men.   

Puppy Pile

Do you know how puppies lay together in a clump for comfort and warmth. Well,
in a puppy pile, we do just that as men.  The workshop lasts approximately an
hour. We do 4 rounds of puppy piles. Workshop is done fully clothed, and with
respect for boundaries. Come get nurtured, relaxed, and just be.