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Allen Siewert

Allen Siewert (aka Allen Silver) is a Sacred Intimate, certified massage therapist and adult film performer. Based in San Francsico, he travels  extensively half of the year doing erotic work with all kinds of men. He’s especially interested in bringing play to all forms of erotic interaction, is fascinated by the power in....

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Jason Tantra

Jason Tantra is a co-founder of Tantra4GayMen, an international Tantra School for men who love men. He weaves his magic and heart to guide the offerings he makes to you. He will support you and create the pathway for you to deeply ...  

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Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas is an eclectic shamanic practitioner, humbly honoring sacred traditions of all ancestors.  Jay uses both ancient and modern techniques to walk between the worlds and return with wisdom for use in problem-solving, self-discovery, personal growth, and ... 

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