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New York City based filmmaker multidisciplinary artist who sings jingles. A working voice over artist who can be heard on many national brands on television and radio. Largely self- taught, Damien works in photography, video audio and fabrics and large and small-scale installations making work with and about the communities he lives in. Currently Damien is on a ten city promo tour for his documentary Angels in our hood. A community organizer and founder of Harlem Health Day an event created to raise awareness on healthy eating healing and wellness.  Passionate about health and wellness he combines all he learns during his frequent health retreats around the country incorporating holistic health tips in his workshops. His current visual art installation uses the talking Styrofoam heads as vessels of communication to tell stories on racial injustice in America mass incarceration racially motivated crimes the talking heads tell the stories that are relevant of our time. To learn more about this filmmaker, go to Facebook/Alldamienpostellmovies twitter@dpostellmovies1 www.damienpostell.com