Freddy Freeman

Freddy Freeman is founder and organizer of Bear Your Soul. He is an award winning Singer-Songwriter, music producer, festival organizer and spiritual facilitator. He has organized LGBTQ music events like Qnity, Bearapalooza and Out in the Woods, and has been nominated three times for Outmusician of the year. After over a decade of going to Bear events, promoting Bear musicians with Bearapalooza, Freddy began to look for a way to create a Bear event that fostered deeper interactions and formed real community.  When he was invited to Easton Mountain, he got his chance, and created Bear Your Soul.  He is also the facilitator of Bear Your Soul's core workshop Loving Our Bear Bodies, a group experience of self-love and appreciation for the bodies we live in.  Freddy has taken the workshop to Bear runs in the Midwest, and to Bear Week in Provincetown, where it was featured on the Viceland cable channel. He lives with his husband Jay at Easton Mountain, where he is  the current Director of Marketing and Communications.