Jason Tantra


SINGLES WEEKEND PRESENTER - Jason commenced his training as a Tantra Teacher when he was just 18. Besides his extensive training and lifelong vocation in Neo-Tantra, his background includes Psychotherapy, Spiritualism, several modalities of Energy Work, and Eastern forms of Ecstatic Satsang and Darshan. After a very successful corporate career in business, he received his degree in Integrative Counselling from Bristol University (UK), and has worked professionally with male survivors of rape and abuse as well as a Family Therapist. He continues to explore and learn Tantra and other spiritual modalities with several masters around the world. To learn more about Jason, click here.

Jason will be leading: Intimacy, Connection & Sensuality:

In Tantra we believe that there is a unique non-verbal conversation between every human being on planet earth. And without using words it enables us to bypass our minds that often keep us held back. In this workshop discover and enjoy Tantric techniques that can open you to deeper levels on intimacy that you might find surprising and enlightening. It might help you to rethink the way in which you connect with other men, it might open doorways of ways to connect with other men that you have not experienced before. Welcome to a gentle, sensual and intimate discovery. This workshop leads to becoming naked, and the emphasis is on sensual rather than sexual and does offer intimate contact, sometime spherical, sometimes not.