Jay Thomas

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Jay Thomas is an eclectic shamanic practitioner, humbly honoring sacred traditions of all ancestors.  Jay uses both ancient and modern techniques to walk between the worlds and return with wisdom for use in problem-solving, self-discovery, personal growth, and healing. In his practice, Jay connects with alchemical energies [fire, water, earth and air], the rhythms and voices of nature, and non-ordinary states to transform and heal conflicts between body, mind and spirit created often by our disjointed modern life. Jay believes we are one heart with many rhythms – we are all on a journey to uncover the sacred within ourselves for connecting with our families (of origin and choice), our communities, and the land we share.

Since 2009 Jay has trained with John Myerson, a doctor of both Chinese medicine and Western psychology, at LifeArts Center for Healing and Shamanic Studies in Framingham, Mass. Jay studied core shamanism with Nan Moss from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; he is a Community Leader for the Shamanism Without Borders program of the Society for Shamanic Practices; he has led trainings and retreats for Easton Mountain, Camp Destiny and The National Spiritual Alliance. Also, Jay leads workshops in cultivating shamanic Power and in Energy Reading and Transmutation.  Complementary training and experience include tarot, body/mind studies, health/wellness coaching, Vipassana meditation, Usui and Shamballa Reiki; Wicca and Ceremonial Magick; and mediumship.

Jay lives in Western Massachusetts at Bear Mountain Lodge – across a river, down a dirt road, beside a stream, nestled in the forest.   For more about Jay finding spirit in nature see Easton Mountain's blog:  http://www.eastonmountain.org/easton-mountain-2/jay-thomas-writes-about-finding-spirit-in-nature.