John Robinson

John Robinson is certified personal trainer, CrossFit trainer, CrossFit Kettlebell trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. For the first forty years of his life he was in poor health and extremely obese. At age 40 he began a journey to become healthy, happy and well both mentally and physically which has culminated in becoming a trainer for others who seeking wellness of mind, body and soul. 

John’s philosophy is that nobody is too young, old, or too overweight to make life changing improvements to their physical and mental well being. He believes that life should be lived to the fullest and that everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves possible---and that is only possible when you are healthy and strong. 

John’s coaching style is goals-based and sequential. No matter where anyone falls on the spectrum of health and wellness there is always room for improvement leading to a better quality of life. Using solid data he develops nutrition and training plans that help clients experience constant progress toward any goal they set for themselves. He specializes in working with clients who want to improve their overall quality of life, not just loose weight. 

John currently lives in Frederick, Maryland where he has taught music and art teacher for the past twenty-eight years and is the devoted dad of six felines. He spends his free time volunteering and working with numerous animal rescue groups. His coaching practice, SPARK, encompasses all aspect of complete wellness.