Jonathan Winn

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WINTER SPIRIT CAMP FACILITATOR -Jonathan Winn is a NYC-based Gay Life Coach, who’s mission is to help empower, inspire and unite the LGBTQ community as a global force of unity and love.   His passion is to connect individuals to their divine purpose and to support its unfolding and expression through inspired action.

Jonathan’s miraculous birth leaves no doubt that there
is a reason he is alive and breathing.  He is living his Life’s Purpose through the work that he does as a successful Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.  Working with individuals, couples and groups, he helps catapult others forward in their lives with empowerment and inspiration to achieve their greatness.

Jonathan is a TEDx Speaker and has spoken at Fortune 100 companies as well as coached top executives, socialites and celebrities.  Powered by more than a decade of experience in the holistic wellness industry, he is uniquely qualified to provide a nurturing, supportive environment to support others in unlocking the next level of their personal growth and success.

“I’ll help you uncover your divine purpose and greatest gift to the world so that you can impact the many lives you are destined to serve.” - Jonathan Winn

Join him for his workshop:


During this interactive and empowering workshop, you’ll explore the roles and archetypes that our LGBTQ tribe have fulfilled throughout history and how they apply in our current lives today.  You’ll learn about our spiritual history and the importance of reclaiming our God-given leadership roles.

You’ll also process how your own emotional wounds and challenges have perfectly crafted and shaped you so that you may fulfill your divine purpose.  This helps to release you of the pain of what happened and begins to unlock its gift and profound power.

You’ll leave feeling inspired with a new vision of what’s possible, both for our community at-large and how you play a vital role in helping create a better world for all of us to live in.


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