Miguel Villalobos


SINGLES REATREAT HOST - Miguel Villalobos first came to Easton Mountain for Expressing Your Inner Self with John Ollom in 2010; and an attachment began that has only grown over time. He had been born in Costa Rica and came to New Jersey in 1996 with his family. He moved to NYC two years later to study dance with John Ollom. Like most aspiring dancers he worked at a number of different part-time and temporary jobs to support himself. He had several parts with Ollom Dance Theater and also got parts in other companies. Miguel has trained in the ballet idiom under the tutelage of John Ollom since 2001.  In 2002, he was chosen by Ollom Dance Theatre to perform in "the Journey".  In 2003, he became an apprentice at the Ollom Movement Art Summer Program at Smith College.  In 2004, he performed with Ollom Dance Theatre in "John Ollom's the Journey" at the Clark Theatre at 70 Lincoln Center.  In 2006, he performed the premiere of "Du fond de l'abime" and "the Yellow Dress" with Ollom Dance Theatre in the production of "Anatomy of Woman" at Lincoln Center and the tour to Port Washington.  In 2007, he was chosen by John Ollom to perform in "Internal Landscapes: LIVE III An Art Event" curated by Amadeo Penalver; the videographer was Jakob Milikowski from the Netherlands and the composer was Jose Javier Pena from Spain.  In 2008, he became a company member of the Kennedy Dancers under the artistic direction of Diane Dragone. He performed with Kennedy Dancers for the Spring season performances at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in NYC for 5 seasons.  He also has been an extra for television shows like Sex and The City and Law and Order.

He lived in NYC for 13 years, but he said “I got really tired of New York City. I needed a break.” Toward the end of that time he was coming up to Easton two to three weekends a month. In July 2014 he had a conversation with John Stasio. “I told him how I was feeling, and then after that I spoke to Dennis and he told me they were looking for someone to help Freddy at the Front Desk.” Gradually Freddy moved on to do more marketing work, and Miguel became Front Desk Manager – a job he enjoyed very much, being the cheerful speaker with just a trace of a beautiful Latino accent that you're very likely to hear when you first call Easton Mountain.  He has since changed positions, still being the cheerful speaker with a trace of a beautiful Latino accent that you’re likely to hear at Easton Mountain, serving as the General Manager.