Joe Oppedisano

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WINTER SPIRIT CAMP FACILITATOR Joe will be teaching a photography workshop, with the option to be in the nude or clothed. Couples, Trios & Solos all welcome. Please feel free to bring a professional camera or your cell phone camera for the workshop. If weather permits, the group will go outside to take pictures. 

Joe Oppedisano began his career while still attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he was hired even before graduation by Fairchild Publications W and DNR Magazines as a Menswear Fashion Editor. He went on to become a contributing editor for L'Uomo Vogue, Vanity Fair and New York Times Magazine while also becoming a celebrity stylist for clients such as Ricky Martin, Regis Philbin and Carol King.  While producing, directing and styling photo shoots for such esteemed clients, he one day picked up a camera, and without ever taking a photography class, started shooting in his own vision. Within six months, he retired from his career as an editor and leaped into the role as a photographer. His clients have included Calvin Klein, New York Times Magazine, Pepe Jeans, Vibe Magazine and Nautica. He has had three books of his work published by the German publisher Bruno Gmuender, the first of which is one of the all time biggest selling homo-erotic photo books of all time. His meticulous eye for detail and storytelling made it an easy transition to begin shooting music video's, and he was the subject of the 2008 documentary  "Knockout!" in which he and his crew were followed while shooting a calendar of MMA Fighters by L.A. based company Provocateur. He continues to photograph as well as direct and produce, all while he  is developing a line of textiles inspired from nature for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. In recent years wrote and taught photography classes, one of which was the sketch version of this course. He has also written and taught a Fashion Photography course for Middle and High School students, and teaches art to disabled people of all ages.

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