Nathaniel Villanueva


SINGLES WEEKEND PRESENTER - With Mexican roots and Canadian grown origins; Nathaniel is proud of his multiculturality and mixed ethnicity which he considers is key to his natural facility to develop strong connections around the world. With two master’s degree in marketing and Business administration, a bachelor’s in computer engineering, a technical degree in graphic design and a bachelor’s in History of Dance and Performing Arts, Nathaniel embraces the idea of constant learning and growth, strongly believing that everyone and everything we do in this plane has its importance, its meaning and its consequences to one self and others. Over the past 6 years Nathaniel worked as a Creative Director and Content Manager Consultant for various international mindfulness and wellbeing app development companies like: Headspace, Calm, Simple Habit, Breethe, and the Relax Melodies Franchise. He’s written and published more than 200,000 words on Mindfulness and Wellbeing articles and blogs in 4 different languages and given presentations on positive thinking, emotional intelligence, multiculturality and wellbeing in various countries like Mexico, France, US and Canada. Nathaniel loves combining his artistic career as a dancer, singer, actor and dance instructor with his professional career as a Creative Director and Mindfulness Content Writer. He believes we are all connected and that nourishing our human connection with respect and appreciation is key to success and happiness. He first came to Easton Mountain in August of 2018 as an opportunity to work on taking care of himself and healing from a recent break up. He developed a deep connection to the Easton Mountain community and with joyful tears in his eyes he said to the volunteering team “you have changed me forever”. He’s really excited and looking forward to coming back as a contributor to the deep and meaningful experiences Easton has to offer.

Nathaniel will be leading: 

+ Speed Dating With Honesty

It is in our nature to always put our best front forward when it comes to meeting people for the first time, going on a first date, meeting our in-laws, going to a party, etc. We generally bring the best version of ourselves to first time meetings, it is in the process of getting to know better someone that sometimes the charm gets lost and the interest simply goes away. In this workshop we explore the idea of an honest version of ourselves during a first-time date. We ask to each participant to choose a series of characteristics about themselves that they like the most, they can be physically, intellectually, social or emotional. In the same way we ask them to choose something that they dislike about themselves the most in the same categories. Once each participant feels ready to begin, a full speed dating cycle begins where each of the participants will present the most honest version of themselves to the other participants, after enough time has been given, each participant switches sits, and the speed dating begins again this time with a different partner. The general objective of this workshop is not only to put the most honest version of themselves forward, but also, to discover how often other people feel the same way about themselves and how what may seem a dislike to one person it may be exactly what another person is looking for. This workshop is encouraged to be performed with a nonjudgmental attitude and an open mind to embrace the diversity of each of the participants. Each participant can interact with each other in which ever way the feel like as long as it is respectful, and no negative feedback is given to one another. It is about being honest with themselves while presenting that same honesty to others through the speed dating.

+ Looking After Yourself (to succeed in realtionships)

When starting a new relationship, instinctively we focus on making everything within our power to make the other person happy, that idea of “becoming the perfect man” for our significant other, and in an effort to fully and constantly satisfy the needs of our potential partner we loose track of our own needs and desires and forget about our own happiness. This workshop asks participants to list a series of things the love doing on their own, a series of things they love doing with friends and a series of things they love doing with a potential partner. Whether they are social, emotional, sexual or general living habits, the idea of the workshop is to guide participants into learning how to openly ask for what they need or want without fearing how it may affect the opinion others may have of them or the success of their relationship. By learning how to positively look after one’s self, we instinctively surround ourselves with like minded people that will naturally harmonize with our needs and wants, thus it will naturally lead to successful relationships. Participants are paired randomly and asked to share their activities and why they like to do them on their own, or with friends or with a potential partner. Participants are also encouraged to listen without judging and to openly ask pertinent questions in regard to how they could potentially contribute to the habit of looking after themselves. This is a fully clothed activity.

+ Guide to Successful Dating (A Roundtable)

Am I masculine enough? Am I attractive enough? Am I good in bed? Is my physicality attractive enough? Do I want a boyfriend or a fuck friend? Do I want a monogamous relationship or an open relationship? Am I relationship material? These are just some of the questions we generally ask ourselves when it comes to dating, they constantly haunt us and more often than not, they are the reason why we don’t talk to someone, ask someone out or even hold a conversation. These are also the questions that lead to many using apps or websites to hook up and avoid the whole dating scene. In this presentation (talk), we explore a series of tips to help us build on confidence and give us the necessary tools to make the most of dating. personal hygiene, body image, the sense of smell, wardrobe, conversations, honesty, etc. are just some of the topics that will be discussed during this round table like presentation. Using color coded cards and a simple game, each participant is encouraged to express their opinions in regard to a specific topic and a mild discussion is moderated to share points of view about the topic.At the end of the activity, participants are left with a stronger sense of reassurance and comfort within their own skin and better appreciating their own value as a person that it is worth dating and deserves to be loved.