Vanessa Rae (Pennyroyal) is a global feminist good witch based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a cisgender queer femme woman with a lifetime of kitchen practice, more than two decades of AIDS movement experience, and a well-worn passport. She works professionally as a writer, facilitator, and strategist for international human rights and social justice organizations—especially related to sexual orientation and gender identity related vulnerabilities, resilience and rights. She holds a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, where she earned the human rights award for her graduating class. She helped to launch the weekly Family Dinners program at Sylvia’s Place, an emergency shelter for LGBTQ young people in New York City, and co-facilitates the Easton Mountain Leadership Academy (EMLA) retreats for queer youth. She makes many things by hand.  Her most recent article, Girl on Fire: A Feminist Stop, Drop and Roll, is up at She is on Twitter @glitter_sweets.