Wil Fisher

After graduating with a BFA in theatre from the Hartt School, Wil moved to New York and quickly found his energy pulled towards social rights issues- predominantly those affecting LGBTQ youth. He served as the Northeastern Regional Director of Scouting for All, a national organization working to change the Boy Scout's discrimination policy against gays and atheists. Later, he became the director of communications and special events for the Ali Forney Center (AFC), the nation's largest organization dedicated to housing homeless LGBTQ youth. While at AFC, Wil earned his MA in applied theatre from CUNY, and discovered the ways theatre can be used for community building, education, and for addressing social rights issues. He has brought this work to NYC classrooms in workshops focused on ways students can change their school's culture around the perceptions and agreements of  LGBTQ people. Additionally, Wil co-founded the company Man Question which offers workshops exploring people's relationships to masculinity and gender (www.manquestion.org). Wil has worked as a consultant, producing special events, and providing marketing and PR services to nonprofit organizations in New York City and served as the board president of the Off-Broadway Theatre Company, Letter of Marque. Wil also enjoys performing as his drag alter ego, Sylvia London, and is currently developing a solo show about his relationship to drag and gender.


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