The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.  Mahatma Gandhi

Volunteers help with almost every aspect of running the organization and retreat center. There are a variety of ways you can get involved. 

Spend the summer at a dynamic Gay retreat and community. Easton Mountain is a community, retreat center, and sanctuary located in the mountains of upstate NY. We offer workshops, programs, and events that provide opportunities to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit. We are looking for talented people to spend the summer living in community (anytime between May and September) during our exciting summer season of retreats. In exchange for your volunteer time, we offer room, board, the opportunity to participate in retreats and workshops and experience life in community with a diverse group of gay men from around the world.  

Volunteers may be granted complimentary attendance at a future retreat  at the discretion of the director based in volunteer time accrued.

  • Retreat Volunteers - Join us at Easton Mountain during one of our weekend or week long retreats. Enjoy supporting the retreat community, share meals, and the peace of the Easton Mountain environment, while you offer service in exchange for time in the country and away your routine , in a diverse community of gay men.

  • Short-Term On-Site Volunteer Stay for up to one month For volunteers who have already experienced volunteering on the weekend basis and who want to stay longer, it is possible to request one-week, two-weeks, three-weeks, or four-weeks. You should get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator a month in advance to discuss availability, Easton Mountain's need, and the areas of talent / interest that you may bring to Easton. You will be asked to fill out a longer form application, exploring your interest in Easton Mountain and our mission.

  • Long-Term Volunteer Stay for one to three months, or longer - After having served as a volunteer and having attended several of our retreats as a participant, the Residential Community of Easton Mountain may consider an application for a Long-Term Volunteer position. In exchange for a minimum of 30 hours' work per week, you will be given suitable housing and meals for the time of your stay. These positions are few in number and are given according to the needs of Easton Mountain.

  • Special Project Volunteering - if you have a special skill you'd like to share with the organization from your home, please get in touch with us to discuss your idea. Examples may include help with marketing, fundraising, public relations, writing, etc. Or your love of flowers, seasonal decorating, and musical DJ skills may be what you would like to donate to Easton. Again, please be in touch and we can discuss how best to proceed.


All inquiries regarding volunteering should be made through our Volunteer Coordinator. You can reach him at volunteer@eastonmountain.org.

Men with painting tools outside Guest House

Men with painting tools outside Guest House