Help us keep Easton Mountain’s mission alive and thriving by becoming a member! Are you ready to join us on this mission?

Why We Need Your Membership

As a largely volunteer-run organization that is committed to keeping our sanctuary and programs accessible to all, we cannot survive without the active support of our members. We invite you to get involved in Easton Mountain and our mission by offering your time, talent, or treasure.

Our members:

  1. Volunteer: Please consider how your unique gifts can enrich our community.

  2. Contribute: Support us with a monthly contribution that is suitable to your financial situation.

  3. Commit: As a member, we ask you to commit to keeping the mission of Easton Mountain alive!

The Benefits of membership Include:

  1. Discounts on workshops and retreats.

  2. Invitations to special member only events.

  3. Free housing upgrades based on availability.

  4. Receive updates with special membership opportunities, as well as ways you can help Easton Mountain's mission thrive.

  5. And most of all, the enriching experience of participating with other passionate people in the evolving community gathered around Easton Mountain.